18 November 2009

'American Foulbrood' trailer

At a time when globally bee populations are dramatically decreasing, African bees show no signs of being affected, they are flourishing.

The film witnesses the scourge of ‘American Foulbrood’ as this, the world’s worst bee disease, emerges for the first time in South Africa. A country ill prepared for this event finds its local beekeepers facing probable collapse of their industry. The only dependable solution - destruction of all infected colonies. As the disease aggressively spreads, the film tracks the personal stories of a few ambitious beekeepers as they put their unfailing trust into the genetic integrity of the wild African bee. This is a unique account of how the face of beekeeping in South Africa was changed forever.

Feature documentary
Country of production: South Africa
Format: PAL DVCam 16:9
Expected to be released 2010
Available for distribution

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05 October 2009

Jujurha Early Learning Centre

This was produced as a feedback video from the NGO, Bulungula Incubator, to their sponsors who supported this great initiative. There is a shorter online version and an extended version for a DVD.

I filmed and edited this piece.

The Jujurha Early Learning Centre (ELC) is the latest addition to the Bulungula Incubator portfolio of projects. The ELC will address education and health issues amongst children in the village, with a focus on children under 10 years.

Their aim is to establish a centre of education excellence in this remote rural village, and to encourage parents to become more actively involved in the education of their children.

For more information visit: http://www.bulungulaincubator.org

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16 February 2008

'Zulu Surf Riders'

The documentary takes place in South Africa and focuses on a pair of second generation zulu surfing twins. Cyril and Mishak Mqade have made a life for themselves through surfing in a community where employment and education is poor. We explore their experiences from when they began surfing to their present day success stories. The doci also looks into the current growing interest of the youngsters in the community, even though there is very little support for them, Cyril and Mishak teach the them to carry on on the path of the 'Zulu wave'. This is a documentation of how individuals against all odds can go against traditional taboos to bravely discover a new world of inspiration and self realisation.

Format: Available in Letterboxed 5:4 PAL Betacam/DVD (source footage is DVCAM)
Duration: 5, 15 and 48 minute versions available
Language: Zulu; English (English subtitles)
Director/Producers: Andre Cronje, Carlos Francisco and Brenen Nortje
Country of Origin: South Africa

World Premiere: Encounters International Documentary Film Festival (SA)
*2nd place Audience award

Production Year: 2008

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10 January 2008

Lake of Stars 2007

The highlights video I filmed and edited to promote a unique international music festival held on the shores of Lake Malawi...

Go checkout www.lakeofstars.co.uk

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